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Nestled in the vibrant center of 6th of October, DIAR II is located on the newly-developed Dawly road and is serviced by the modern conveniences provided within this flourishing metropolis.

A short drive from Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, and the Shooting Club, DIAR II is surrounded by a variety of commercial destinations with accessible facilities and an infrastructure network that connects the compound to the city.

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DIAR II was designed to blend natural elements and cosmopolitan practicality to provide residents a safe and secluded retreat away from the hectic bustle of urbanity. The compound consists of idyllic landscape coupled with recreational areas, commercial and cultural centers, and rejuvenating reflection pools for communal gatherings or private musings.

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A 1km landscaped, pedestrian circuit was included within DIAR II to provide our residents with safe, relaxed, and enjoyable strolls
through the natural environment of the compound.


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Kids area




DIAR II was developed with the vision to foster a community surrounded by lush, open landscapes viewable from each apartment. The electronic gate system that encompasses the compound is guarded by professional security personnel who conduct 24hr surveillance to assure the safety of the community. Additionally, the division between residential, recreational, and commercial areas reinforces TAMEER’s promise that residents are entitled to secure and serene moments, separate from the social activities of their neighbors.

The exterior design of each residential building in DIAR II was developed to uphold the timeless sensibilities of TAMEER’s classic architectural heritage and provide a depth accentuated by baroque-inspired craftsmanship. The interior, however, provides a seamless contrast between classic and modern design by incorporating the practicalities of contemporary life. Through spacious floorplans and tranquil quarters, each unit preserves the delicate balance between the social and private requirements of our residents.


Established in 1954, tāmeer has delivered over 26,000 units throughout our six-decade legacy of commitment to developing a nation. This reputation has provided tāmeer with the distinguishing honor of being one of the only developers in the country to have housed generations of Egyptian families.

In addition to our real estate activities, tāmeer has extended our architectural portfolio to include numerous touristic, educational, and infrastructural projects, both locally and across the African continent. It is this diversity and dedication that has built tāmeer into the renowned, family-first organization we are today.


While tāmeer operates under the values that developed the foundation of our success, we believe in the power of innovation and the opportunities it generates. Our outlook has always been one shaped by the future and our role in providing solutions relevant to the modern world through practical and sustainable design that cater to the needs of our clients. We are all invested in building homes, communities, but most importantly, relationships that still stand the test of time.